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Anniversary magazine ZEHN (Ten)

Our anniversary magazine ZEHN (Ten) is to be experienced the way the festival is experienced: everyone chooses their own route. We teamed up with editorial office and agency „Die Brueder“ and compiled a kaleidoscope of thoughts, opinions, and real-life stories. Artists associated with the festival tell of their all-night excursions. Friends and colleagues contemplate the interplay of aesthetics, business, and technology.

With Eric Eitel | Gereon Klug | Johnny Haeusler | Klaus Gropper | Ray Cokes | Bernd Bergemann | Dagobert | Daniel Sveningsson (Friska Viljor) | Henning May (ANNENMAYKANTEREIT) | Kevin Hamann | Leslie Clio | MIMI |Nagel

In limited edition of 1.000
Including poster, postcards and modeling sheet

photo: Svea Schuhmann

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